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Treatment by distance without

medication and side effects


Where you live does not matter - distance therapy reaches across all continents

Being healthy should be a natural state because we come into the world with a body in balance and with organs in perfect working order. But over time, events occur in our lives that can affect health in different ways.

BIOMAGNETISM QUANTIC is based on Dr. Goiz's original treatment method, Medical Biomagnetism, which uses magnets to normalize the body's pH value. The difference is that instead of locating and eliminating pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) Biomagnetism Quantic treat imbalances which in fact is the same but more effective. More effective because diseases are due to imbalances, and imbalances in the emotional, mental and spiritual system are the main cause for the development of diseases.

We are not doctors and therefore do not give a diagnosis. The name of a disease is uninteresting to us because the body does not know any names, we treat the cause, not just temporarily eliminate the symptoms and after the treatment the body's own healing process is activated. The human body is a fantastic machine.

No technical aids are used to perform the treatment, but it takes place through the universe, atoms and energies - from person to person. The therapist needs to know the name of the patient, date of birth, address, symptoms of the disease and a new photo.

What may intuitively seem difficult to understand with quantum physics is what in English is called SUPERPOSITION and ENTANGLEMENT.

SUPERPOSITION means that atoms are in principle in several positions at the same time, or rather in all conceivable positions.

ENTANGLEMENT is the phenomenon that means that objects separated from each other without any physical connection can affect each other. So it's about understanding energies. Just about everything in this universe is made of pure vibrating energy - different things vibrate at different frequencies. We are not aware that there is a collective field that everyone is a part of and that connects people and all living things together.

My name is Jörgen Svenson. I live in Sweden and treat patients on distance all over the world. I have worked as a therapist since 2012. I am not a doctor, shaman or magician, but the knowledge I have gained through my trainers has given me skills that have led to fantastic treatment results. This is thanks to my instructors Dr. Goiz from Mexico with Medical Biomagnetism, Carlos Zamora from Chile with Bioenergia & Resecado and Avelino Hervás from Spain with Biomagnetism Quantico. 

It is important to know that as with all alternative treatments, it is not the therapist who cures diseases, it is the patient's body's personal healing process. The therapist is the link between the universe and the patient in order to make the healing process happen. Not everyone who is treated with school medicine reacts positively, and this also applies to

treatments with alternative medicine. But statistically, eight out of ten respond positively to our treatments with Biomagnetism Quantic. The ideal would be that everyone, one hundred percent, would recover after a treatment - but that would be magic - which is not the case, as previously mentioned.

BIOMAGNETISM QUANTIC we mainly treat by distance and then comes the natural question; "Can treatments be performed remotely regardless of the distance between patient and therapist"? To say such a thing can at first glance seem frivolous, unbelievable or even magic, especially for those who already are skeptical about alternative treatments.

The scientific explanation for the fact that one can treat remotely and transmit vibrating energies indefinitely is called quantum physics. This theory is scientifically accepted and it paints a picture of how the world (and the universe) works that differs significantly from the worldview of classical physics and which may seem illogical and difficult to understand. 

At a time when many people suffer from side effects from medications and vaccines, it feels very good to be able to offer help with a treatment that is completely harmless and without side effects. The worst that can happen is not reacting to the treatment, which, as mentioned, happens very rarely.

It is possible that you may have a temporary "healing crisis reactions" after the treatment. Some get, others don't because it is individual and can manifest itself in different ways.

The most common reactions are headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sudden pain somewhere in the body or rash on the skin. If you experience this crisis, it usually happens within three days and is temporary and lasts only for a few hours and is completely harmless.

How does it work?


1) Name

2) Date of Birth

3) City & Country

4) Symptoms 

5) A photo taken on the day of treatment.

6) No direct contact by telephone is needed between therapist and patient during the treatment.

Before treatment:

Drink a glass of water, lie down and completely relax. It's all right to fall asleep. No legs or arms crossed and place electronic gadgets at least one meter away.


After 40 minutes you can get up (set your clock) and the treatment is complete.

After treatment: Drink 3L water per day for three days! 

How many treatments are needed and how often?

It depends on the nature of the problem and how long you have had it. It is individual and is therefore always difficult to determine. If you need more than one treatment, the next one is after one week. A mild health problem may need between one to two treatments, while chronic diseases may require some more depending on the nature of the problem.


Jörgen Svenson


Malmö - Sweden

+46 704-169113

[email protected]

Price per session:

$100 / €80

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